Reliable Crypto Marketing Agency.

We’re specialized in social media, the stock market, and crypto promotion.

Marketing Agency.

We’re specialized in social media, the stock market, and crypto promotion.

Lion ADV

Celebrity Crypto Marketing Agency - Lion ADV

A single click brings millions of people a step closer, thanks to social media. Social Media Advertising has changed in recent years.

Lion ADV, Inc is a Miami-based Crypto Marketing Company specialized in offering Celebrity ADV Crypto and other marketing services. The power of social media, the charm of crypto-currency, the visibility of celebrities with millions of followers, this is the future and it has just begun.


Get More Exposure With the Best Crypto Marketing Agency!

As a digital marketing agency, we help our customers in getting more exposure across known social media platforms. Our credibility and relationships with known international celebrities have helped us in launching successful promotions for cryptocurrencies and brands.

Our promotion and digital marketing services will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors. We’ll promote your crypto-currency projects through Instagram posts, Instagram stories with the swipe-up link and tagging the crypto project Instagram page, and tweets from International celebrities.

Celebrity ADV Crypto
Where Celebrities Promote Your Business

Our most successful promotional strategy includes celebrities’ promotions. We’ve relations with known international celebrities who post promotional content with their photo or video on their timeline or news feed. Being a reliable crypto marketing agency, we use the following 3 Celebrity ADV crypto promotion methods to promote your business include:

Instagram post feed

As a renowned Celebrity ADV Crypto agency, we’ll suggest celebrities to post in their feed depending on our analysis, the crypto project, or the brand promotion. The Celebrity ADV crypto promotion post will either include celebrity images including photo or video that represents your brand, or an image with your crypto project logo. The celebrity will tag your crypto project on Instagram for maximum reach.

Instagram story

The Instagram Story will be similar to the Instagram Post Feed but it’ll remain on the Celebrity’s Profile for 24 hours. In our Celebrity ADV crypto process, the Celebrity will add the swipe-up link to the story, so, the people directly visit the crypto project’s telegram page or website. The crypto project’s Instagram page will also be mentioned.


The celebrity will tweet about crypto-currency and the crypt-project. The Celebrity ADV Crypto tweet will include a video, photo, or logo along with celebrity appearance. Twitter is a hub of mature leads and as a digital marketing agency, we always focus to create unique brand awareness on the platform.


Get more exposure by getting advertised on the World’s two most famous and authoritative Billboards – One Times Square & Nasdaq’s Iconic Billboard. We use attractive videos and photos to make our Billboard marketing more interesting and captivating. This makes us the best crypto marketing agency.

Reach more audience, get more exposure, increase your credibility & do more business!

Billboard Times Square

Reach more people and increase your credibility.

Rapid Social Media Growth.

We help brands and celebrities in becoming social media sensations. Our growth strategies are dynamic as they depend on follower’s growth. The promotion posts are changed when a certain growth level is achieved. If you’re doubtful about your social media content concept and creation, don’t worry, let us be your partner as a reliable crypto marketing agency.



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