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Specializing in social media, NFTs, and crypto promotion.

Lion ADV offers professional services for anyone looking for a boost in marketing their social & digital media or crypto needs.

Crypto Promotion

While being a leading company in crypto promotion, Lion ADV is here to help you attract the attention of your audience to your token. We will create a roadmap for the promotion, which will include a personal strategy and plan for your project on social media, Youtube channels, and blogs. There is no project too small or large to generate positive results from our support.

We create crypto marketing strategies to help companies to get the maximum promotion to the ICO. Our company in crypto promotion uses all kinds of resources to gain the attention of potential investors. Furthermore, we operate in a sector with great potential and where the promotional strategy can make a difference.

NFT Marketing 

NFT promotion is our core and we provide the best strategy to make your art available to potential collectors. We are the NFT market-leading service provider and we help a variety of people to get their NFT artwork into the hands of NFT collectors. We enable you to become more proficient and skilled in NFT marketing. Lion ADV ensures you can reach your destination without spending much time on research and analytics.

Grow your audience with Non-Fungible Token marketing. We connect creators with NFT marketplace investors, crypto art collectors, and mainstream technology fans.
Everything you need to know about the celebrity NFT Holders - BENZINGA_Article eritten by Mirko Scarcella_Lion ADV
Everything You Need to Know About Celebrity NFT Holders by Mirko Scarcella


Get more exposure by getting advertised on the World’s two most famous and authoritative Billboards – One Times Square & Nasdaq’s Iconic Billboard. We use professional videos, photos, and content to make our Billboard marketing more interesting and captivating. Reach more audience, get more exposure, and do more business!

By reaching the right audience and leveraging the right voices and faces to help increase trust, your digital marketing will see remarkable success. Industry experts agree, “A good online marketing campaign with clear and open communication can do wonders and help differentiate your business in the jungle of thousands of projects.”

We provide a variety of services for your brand success so that we can become your partner in the digital space, helping you achieve all areas of growth for all your cryptocurrency and NFT needs.
Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you turbocharge your digital business today.
At Lion ADV, we are more than just a marketing agency. Our state-of-the-art video production facility will help you create outstanding content to promote your NFT project visuals that could boost your visibility. Our company also offers you a network of influencers ready to promote all types of NFT and crypto businesses.
Our marketing team will not only share your business with the public but also present it in a way that is most appealing to potential investors. As a cryptocurrency marketing company, we know how important it is for you to reach as many people as possible, which is why we strive to create advertising materials, such as billboards and commercials, that encourage people to get more interest in your projects.
You can’t beat Times Square One or Nasdaq for visibility of billboard location. We will show your billboard advertisement on the most iconic and prestigious electronic billboards. 
The question is how much does a billboard advertising costs? in a nutshell, billboard ad cost is the lowest, for the exposure it gets by reaching people’s attention and promoting your NFT.
Billboard advertising cost has a high return on investment (ROI). Billboard is highly cost-effective and an ideal way to advertise your brand.

Reach more people and increase your exposure.

Marketing campaigns are the best solutions to reach people and get exposure to your products and services. We cover all the areas of cryptocurrency marketing to the target investors through platforms like Instagram, Twitter, youtube, email marketing, affiliate marketing, press release, google ads, defi marketing, website, paid advertising, and more. 

Blogging and content creation is a powerful tool for building a basic foundation for marketing digital currency. Through quality content, our company can strengthen your cryptocurrency brand awareness, build customer relationships and ultimately get the investor for your project.

Ooh & digital billboards gives strength to reach people more instantly and give your campaign an instant hit. We guarantee no other form of advertising can have the impact that outdoor advertising provides. Advertise on digital billboards and make a lasting impression on your existing and potential community.

Lion ADV is an experienced cryptocurrency marketing agency with the greatest data-driven results. In our campaigns from previous experience, we have retained more of our clients to repeat investments. We have a professional team and it’s time to use our experience to work for you. Stay a step ahead of the game by letting us market your campaign in front of thousands right now! We help you to reach the right investors.

Social Media

Social media management is the core for marketing and advertising of NFT crypto, when in fact the most important thing is to increase the visibility of the token. Our marketing team will propel the projects of NFT and help influencers grow their community and increase their visibility. We believe in turning their marketing strategies into a sustainable business.

Crypto Influencer Marketing

A single click brings millions of people a step closer, thanks to social media. Social media advertising has changed in recent years.
Lion ADV, Inc is a Miami-based crypto marketing agency that specialized in offering celebrity ADV and other crypto marketing services. The power of social media, the charm of crypto-currency, the visibility of celebrities with millions of followers, this is the future and it has just begun.
A great way to market your NFTs is through influencers. Influencer marketing has become an essential part of brand marketing during the pandemic. 80% of marketers consider influencer marketing to be effective. 
Market your NFTs through influencers bring quick results when it comes to proper visibility.
Many celebrities and well-known people are promoting ICOs and cryptocurrency in general. The most Influencer marketing ways are through Instagram influencers and Celebrity influencers.

Instagram Influencers

Instagram is home to some of the most influential voices on the planet. We’re excited to announce that Instagram influencers can now promote NFTs as a part of their strategy.

While the cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving, the media accounts of these Instagram influencers will help your business followed by the most recent events in the digital world.
Instagram influencer marketing could improve with a product description that focuses on the benefits of your product and lets your customer know exactly what they can expect to get.
This endorsement from a popular Instagram influencer is an excellent way to gain exposure and brand awareness for your product. Reaching their followers will help extend your reach to potential investors that might otherwise be unreachable through traditional marketing channels.

Celebrity Influencers

Celebrities were the first adopters of NFT. Many celebrities and well-known people are promoting ICOs and cryptocurrency in general. While some of them are quite well known like Floyd Mayweather, Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx.
Celebrity Influencers who are a good match for your brand already have credibility and a following in the niche that you operate in. By partnering with them, they can help increase your online visibility and show the world how amazing your NFTs are. NFT celebrities’ promotion gives an edge to promote your project SEO special management and campaigns to create a community that is actively interested in the art collection or NFT. We also use email marketing and press release in our project to ensure that marketing strategies work. Our marketing strategies are the best in the industry and our campaigns are highly effective.
An influencer is a person who creates hype for the art project using different platforms like Youtube, Twitter. We work with you from start to end, from the beginning stages of spot-checking through post-launch analysis, marketing, creatives, visibility, and much more we have expertise on which celebrities are best suited for NFT celebrities promo, how much they cost, and their available dates.

Get More Exposure With the Best Crypto Marketing Agency!

We help our customers gain more exposure across known social media platforms. Our credibility and relationships with known international celebrities have helped us in launching successful crypto projects and brands.

Our promotion and digital marketing services will always keep you one step ahead of your competitors. We’ll promote your cryptocurrency projects through Instagram posts, Instagram stories with the swipe-up link and tagging the crypto project Instagram page, and tweets from international celebrities.

Get maximum exposure for your ICO by working with us, the best marketing company, as a full-service digital marketing agency that creates top-notch content and places it on the right channels. Our company follows a streamlined process for online marketing as well as OOH, working with you to create targeted, high-quality strategies that generate results for your company.

Our clients come to us for the promotion of NFT, also with email marketing knowing that they will have a team of crypto marketing company professionals by their side. By using various digital marketing strategies and channels such as social & digital media, email, Reddit, Discord, Twitter, press releases, affiliate marketing, and other leading crypto channels we help them reach their target investors.
Crypto marketing needs a different social & digital media online marketing strategy. Our company treats each crypto promotion with a unique social & digital media strategy as we spend time with our clients to understand their requirements, goals, and objectives. Our marketing strategy is based on the deep dive process and hence it is customized for each NFT. Excellent results are an outcome of a disciplined work process.

Cryptocurrencies Marketing Channels

Our cryptocurrency marketing company offers a marketing strategy for many channels including email marketing with a marketing plan best suited for companies. We utilize traditional channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google ads, as well as channels like Reddit, Telegram, and forums to create a full spectrum of marketing opportunities for your ICO or cryptocurrency marketing strategy a success.

Celebrity ADV Crypto
Where Celebrities Promote Your Business

Our most successful promotional strategy includes email marketing, affiliate marketing, press release, website, SEO, cryptocurrency marketing plan, and celebrities’ promotions. We’ve relations with known international celebrities who post promotional content with their photo or video on their timeline or news feed. We use the following three primary Celebrity ADV crypto promotion methods to promote your business include:

Instagram post feed

As a renowned Celebrity ADV agency, we’ll suggest celebrities to post in their feed depending on our analysis, the crypto project, or the brand promotion. The Celebrity ADV crypto promotion post will either include celebrity images, including a photo or video, that represents your brand, or an image with your crypto project logo. The celebrity will tag your crypto project on Instagram for maximum reach.

Instagram story

The Instagram Story will be similar to the Instagram Post Feed but it’ll remain on the Celebrity’s Profile for 24 hours. In our Celebrity ADV crypto process, the Celebrity will add the swipe-up link to the story, so, the people directly visit the crypto project’s telegram page or website. The crypto project’s Instagram page will also be mentioned.


The celebrity will tweet about crypto-currency and the crypt-project. The Celebrity ADV Crypto tweet will include a native video, photo, or logo along with a celebrity appearance. Twitter is a hub of mature leads and as a digital marketing agency, we always focus to create unique brand awareness on the platform.

Let Influencers Speak Directly to Your Audience

In the crowded world of cryptocurrency, it’s important that you stand out, and the way to do that is by letting influencers speak directly to your audience. Influencer marketing has quickly become one of the most successful and trusted forms of marketing, especially for coins and NFTs.

At Lion ADV, we’ve unlocked the secret of successful digital launches, and we’re sharing it with you. By partnering with influencers and celebrities through crypto influencer marketing, your brand can gain immediate authority in the space, breaking through the noise of typical competitors.
Are you ready to take your crypto launch to the next level? Contact us today to see what marketing we can do for you
We know cryptocurrency businesses flourish when they have a passionate community. And that true word of mouth marketing is best represented across multiple channels. So our company built a marketing strategy that brings both together. 
Influencer marketing has become a massive topic in the last few years and it is only continuing to grow. But what does it mean, how do you do it right, and how can you scale your approach? We at Lion ADV can make your brand popular with influencers to get the word out
Celebrity influencers are one style of celebrity endorsement, and they have followers that can be tapped. Influencers have an audience that is global, and a presence on social & digital media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can mean quick dissemination of ideas and messages.
Our company creates new tenders for famous celebrities to be brand ambassadors for cryptocurrencies and Blockchain companies. A big star gives benefits to the project for marketing and advertising activities and the rapid acquisition of followers (potential investors). The value and awareness of a business can be increased positively by the use of a celebrity, which adds an edge to your crypto advertising project.

Rapid Social Media Growth.

We help brands and celebrities in becoming social media sensations. Our marketing growth strategies are dynamic as they depend on followers’ growth. The promotion posts are changed when a certain growth level is achieved. If you’re unsure about your social media content concept and creation, don’t worry, let us be your marketing partner and trusted advisor.
Cryptocurrencies are designed for long-term growth rather than simple novelty use. Many people in the social & digital media age are looking to invest their extra money in cryptocurrency. 
The role of social platforms in the growth of cryptocurrency cannot be overstated. Millions of potential investors take their cues from these platforms, which is why it’s important to understand how powerful these platforms are, and know how to tailor them for individual clients. 
Social & digital media plays a big role in cryptocurrency marketing strategies. It helps promote, advertise and increase awareness about cryptocurrency, crypto project, initial coin offering, crypto businesses, mobile billboards, and billboard ads. 
We put a ton of time and effort into your cryptocurrency marketing strategies and campaign. To get the word out and make the world know about it. Our team of campaign experts helps with marketing services that maximize your visibility, including creating custom ads for social & digital media growth.

What are Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies?

Agencies like Lion ADV help you stand out, even when the number of coins on the market increases. We connect you and your cryptocurrency with influencers and celebrities across the globe to launch your new currency.
By utilizing digital marketing channels and well-established celebrity connections, we can help you promote your project whether you are an established cryptocurrency or just getting started. We believe in the power of social media marketing and creating a strong connection between celebrity and audience to facilitate your cryptocurrency rollout.

How Does It Work?

The best way to stand out in a flooded market is to work with known figures in the industry to solidify your cryptocurrency or brand in the audience’s mind at the right time, with the right message. Many crypto marketing agencies choose to keep their strategies hidden from clients, but we believe in transparency.
By harnessing the power of social media, we connect your business, NFTs, or cryptocurrency with leading celebrities to connect with the audience most interested in cryptocurrencies, creating a promotion that resonates with them, from popular and trusted influencers and celebrities in the industry.
Crypto marketing agencies are extremely useful to any cryptocurrency marketing strategy for startups and help them get the attention they need. They’ll use everything from SEO, SMM, and press releases to affiliate marketing and influencer outreach in order to push your brand out there to the world.

Marketing Strategies That Go Beyond Crypto

No matter if you are launching your brand for the first time, looking to develop public relations marketing creative to gain more exposure in the market or full-service blockchain marketing, we can help you identify what the next steps are. Whatever helps your business launch and public relations campaign succeed, we can help you do.
Our cryptocurrency marketing company (Lion ADV) believes in the 4 Ps of Marketing which are product, place, price, and promotion. Making sure your marketing strategy is aligned with the right customers by means of each of these elements is key to marketing success. By carefully integrating all of these elements together, we can build a successful marketing mix and ensure you have a visible, in-demand promotion that is competitively priced and promoted.

Content Designed for your Specific Audience

You don’t need a dozen different marketing channels to promote your brand and content. You just need a few that line up with your goals and audience.
By reaching the right audience and leveraging the right voices and faces to help increase trust, your marketing campaign can see remarkable success.
We provide a variety of advertising services for your brand success so that we can become your marketing partner in the digital space, helping you achieve all areas of growth for all your cryptocurrency and NFT promotion.

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you turbocharge your digital business today. We are a content marketing agency with the core strategy of creating the best possible content and carefully placing them on the right channels to have the greatest impact. We have a proven process that uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative market research to help identify your target audience, then we create grounded personas to represent various types of investors in your cryptocurrencies project.

Lion ADV will help you launch your brand for the first time, develop public relations marketing creative to gain more exposure to your ICOs in the market, and handle full-service blockchain marketing. Our company identifies strategies of marketing to make the project a success.

How Big is the Blockchain Market?

Today, the blockchain market is bigger than ever, and it only stands to continue increasing in demand. It is expected to expand from 11.5 billion dollars to over 160 billion within the next five years. With it you see many unqualified companies calling themselves a blockchain marketing agency, blockchain creative agency, or blockchain advertising agency.
For many cryptocurrency and NFT creators, the increase in demand from previous years is already making solo marketing difficult, especially as work is split between the digital product and keeping up with top blockchain marketing techniques.

At Lion ADV, we take care of the marketing services so you can focus on creating coins and NFTs. Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin, and it’s becoming increasingly important for a range of applications across business, finance companies, media and entertainment, and other industries. Lion ADV is your guide to understanding blockchain which is a revolutionary new technology that allows you to transfer value across the internet without using a third-party intermediary like Paypal or Venmo.

With the ability to replace banking with decentralized blockchain-based systems, cryptocurrency is a product of the future. Faster transactions, higher levels of security, and lower fees are just some of the many benefits.

There is no limit to the size of a blockchain or the number of transactions in a blockchain. So, theoretically, there is no maximum blockchain size. 

A blockchain is one of the latest technologies to take the world by storm. It’s the backbone behind many cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, but it’s becoming popular for other uses in business, finance, and other industries too.
The new blockchain-based economy is emerging, and we must build tools that allow everyone to participate. Blockchain technology, once the sole province of enthusiasts, has begun to enter the public consciousness as its potential becomes clearer. This technology will affect us just as the Internet did in the 90s. Don’t miss out on this opportunity again!

Who Do We Work With?

We are dedicated to partnering with digital brands to increase crypto and NFT reach and popularity.
We are proud to provide marketing services for brands, artists, and creators of all sizes on all types of budgets. Get in contact with our team today to discuss a bespoke marketing campaign that meets your crypto marketing goals.
Our company is always on the lookout for integrations to help you and your team leverage assets with our cryptocurrency marketing services. We are dedicated to partnering with influencers, celebrities to increase crypto and NFT reach and popularity.
Lion ADV Crypto Agency Miami works with top cryptocurrency exchanges, digital wallets, and sometimes companies looking to market their Initial Coin Offering ICO as their marketing strategies.

We specialize in marketing cryptocurrency strategies, leveraging our extensive network of talented marketers and consultants, we help connect clients with the right people to make the most out of their NFT projects. Do not need to hire a lot of blockchain marketing companies as we serve you as the best crypto marketer at the time.

Our company ensures that our clients experience successful cryptocurrency marketing, coin marketing, by best ico marketers and ico marketing firms going the extra mile. We support our clients to achieve their marketing goals through quality data, continuous research, and market analysis.

Specialized Marketing Services

Lion ADV is a top crypto marketing agency, leveraging influencer connections and premium marketing techniques both online and offline. We are here to connect you with the right marketing strategy so you can focus on what you do best, and what you enjoy the most.
We cover all the areas of marketing services, but when it comes to specialization Lion ADV can promote your NFTs on the world’s most dominating billboards which are Times Square One and Nasdaq with the help of great marketing strategies. 
Lion Adv_Celebrities and Instagram Influencers
Celebrities influencers is another specialization of Lion ADV through which we get some astonishing results in no time because celebrities can reach people more rapidly on different platforms and convey your message. 
Through our collaboration with celebrities, we’ve achieved great results. We know how to attract attention and bring the right buzz to your NFTs. Our celebrities’ influencer strategy goes beyond a brand endorsement. A strong collaboration with us will leave you in good hands and create successful businesses.
Lion ADV is a well-known advertising agency based in Miami, US. Our talented team of designers, developers, and marketing specialists creates big ideas (marketing strategies) for products, services, and brands. Always with a deep understanding of the latest technology and friendly service to our clients. We feel great to be a leading NFT Agency Miami has on its beautiful shores to promote cryptocurrency marketing.

How Can We Help You?

Want to learn more about how Lion ADV can help you with all your digital products, from cryptocurrency to NFTs?
From celebrity promotions to Times Square billboard advertising and merchandising solutions, we are your partner in crypto marketing and visibility.
If you are a legit project, contact us today for a consultation to learn more about our process and partner with us; we’ll help you identify the next steps. Need more information? Check out our guide on how to choose the best crypto marketing agency.
Are you looking for a way to scale your NFT business? Do you want more flexibility in how you reach your consumers? Are you ready to innovate using next-generation technology? The answer to these questions is Lion ADV. 
We know it is difficult to manage the NFT market, a lot of ico marketing agencies due to the high competition, but with our cryptocurrency marketing, you can sell easily! We are here to help you grow your business, we have marketing strategies and services that will help you get more coins straight to your wallet.
Our connections with Instagram and celebrity influencers can generate the hype of your token to the next level in the cryptocurrency marketing world.
The marketing strategies which we apply on different media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Press releases, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, Search engine optimization, Google ads, Website, Digital Billboard, Reddit, Discord, Telegram channels, and more to promote your project through email marketing and press release to get more chances of having investors to your digital art.  
One of the benefits of choosing Lion ADV for your marketing campaigns, and how to boost your NFT business are countless because by hiring us, you leave all the worries of cryptocurrency marketing strategy in the right hands.
We make sure to give our clients the solutions they need to increase engagement, and brand loyalty ( including email marketing services). Lion ADV’s goal is to help our clients to reach their customers in a personalized way, with a product that’s high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy. Our content creation high-end video production teams often go out of their way to ensure your production requirements are met on time and on budget, which translates into faster cash flow for you. We are one of the best ico marketing agencies in Miami.
We provide consultants and strategists who are experts in the industry at finding, growing, and building NFT audiences around the world. Since your collection is everything to you, we will position you strategically in front of the right eyes.



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