About Us

About Us

Lion ADV is a crypto marketing and NFT promotion agency in Miami, being the epicenter of crypto events and a magnet for the NFT developers and the crypto community. Lion ADV, founded by an entrepreneur and expert in social media and marketing, Mirko Scarcella, is best known for working with world-class international celebrities and stunning Instagram campaigns promoting the most significant crypto projects.

Our Mission

We share Andy Warhol’s vision that everyone should have their 15 minutes of fame. At Lion ADV, we go further and help you expand that quarter of an hour of celebrity to days, months and, if necessary, years to bring your NFT and crypto projects to a new level.

Lion ADV team believes in the power of social media, including Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter and other platforms that have become the new TV and the most powerful means to promote NFTs and crypto online. We are committed to leveraging our knowledge of social media promotion and our expertise with crypto to help you gain maximum visibility and credibility for your crypto projects and NFTs.

Our Founder

Lion ADV was founded by an entrepreneur and an expert in social media and marketing, Mirko Scarcella. Mirko has over 10 years of experience in social media promotion, working with world-class international celebrities. Mr. Scarcella is the author of a comprehensive guide on Instagram promotion, The Bible: Success, Fame, Money, foreworded by billionaire boxer and Instagram crypto influencer Floyd Mayweather.

Mirko is an active member of the crypto space and a well-known NFT collector having several highly sought-after pieces on display in his office. Mr. Scarcella was born in Milan and, for the last several years, lives in Miami with his American model wife and Instagram celebrity Dash.

Mirko Scarcella has been known as an author of another highly acclaimed book on business and entrepreneurship, The Business Game, prefaced by the superstar singer, rapper and actor Nicky Jam. The book, The Business Game, has been promoted on Times Square Billboard One, where everyone can see the picture of Mr. Scarcella during the countdown on each New Year’s Eve.

Our Service

At Lion ADV, we have a dedicated team of professionals working with all aspects of NFT promotion and crypto marketing.[Е2] We pride ourselves on our skills at promoting NFT and crypto on social media, including crypto celebrity promotion, influencer marketing as well as our state-of-the-art visual ads on the Times Square and NASDAQ billboards.

Lion’s crypto marketing experts can help you with copywriting, design, SEO, social media marketing and any other aspect of NFT promotion and crypto marketing. Lion ADV has extensive connections and cooperates with world-known celebrities to achieve instant visibility for your NFTs or crypto projects by millions of celebrity followers.
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Today many marketing agencies are mentioning crypto promotion as a part of their portfolio, but not all of them are aware of the specifics of NFT and crypto space or possess the necessary skills to communicate with the crypto community. Learn more about how Lion ADV in Miami can help you achieve higher visibility and credibility to your crypto projects and NFTs through celebrity endorsements, social media marketing, building marketing funnels on Instagram and much more.

Question 1 –How are you different from your competitors?

Lion ADV is a crypto marketing agency founded by the Instagram marketer and entrepreneur Mirko Scarcella, who leverages his deep knowledge of social media marketing and many years of experience with celebrity promotions. Our team has a special focus on celebrity endorsements and social media promotion on Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and all other social media platforms. We also create state-of-art futuristic visual ads on Times Square and NASDAQ digital screens.

Question 2 – What is your process?

We view each NFT and crypto project as unique and base our strategy on our clients' individual goals, specifics of their NFT or crypto community and other project details. We have separate processes for increasing engagement on social media, building a marketing funnel on Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok or gaining instant visibility. At Lion ADV, we are well-versed in a broad range of marketing tools to help our clients connect with their target audience and build a credible online presence. Whether you are interested in celebrity endorsement for your crypto or NFTs, getting more traffic to your website through celebrity Instagram stories or need an instant boost in visibility by advertising on Times Square or NASDAQ digital screens, we have got you covered.

Question 3 – What are the results from celebrity promotion and other crypto marketing which I can expect?

Lion ADV is dedicated to assisting crypto startups and blockchain entrepreneurs in achieving maximum visibility and credibility for their crypto projects through celebrity endorsements. Having the Lion ADV team by your side for celebrity crypto marketing, you can expect the maximal number of views for your celebrity-sponsored social media posts or stories featuring your logo or your brand.

Contact us

Our team is knowledgeable and approachable, working tirelessly to help our clients achieve more visibility for their crypto and NFTs. Please do not hesitate to Contact us through our website, connect with us on Social media, or reach out on Telegram, and we will be happy to offer you’re the most advanced strategies for your crypto marketing and NFT promotion.

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