Crypto Marketing

Crypto Marketing

Lion ADV in Miami helps not only blockchain startups but also major crypto platforms to gain instant visibility for their projects. We do celebrity promotions, Instagram campaigns, and social media promotion. Our Crypto marketer develops sound digital marketing strategies  help you boost your crypto campaign.

We build a robust marketing funnel not only for your authentic online presence but also for hype. Therefore our team works tirelessly to help our clients from the crypto space get more exposure and credibility. We do this by leveraging our connections with world-class celebrities and Instagram influencers with millions of followers.

At Lion ADV, we work across all channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Telegram, and many others. Our team can help you deliver your message to the most diverse audiences. We do this by leveraging the unique advantages of each social media platform.

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Digital Marketing Strategies

Cryptocurrency Optimization, Marketing, and Strategy are not just about the technology it is about creating a foundation for an engaging community. We will help you create a cryptocurrency marketing strategies by identifying and leveraging your competitive advantages.

Cryptocurrency invention was the biggest invention of the last decade and it is grown at the lightning speed. This proves the potential of crypto, as many people are investing in crypto.
Due to this much attention crypto businesses are getting more competitive. Our crypto marketing agency helps our clients to be at the top of the competition with the best marketing strategies.

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Digital Marketing Strategies

Cryptocurrency Optimization, Marketing, and Strategy are not just about the technology. They are about creating a foundation for an engaging community. We will help you create cryptocurrency marketing strategies by identifying and leveraging your competitive advantages.


We create a digital brand that markets your blockchain-based services to the world so you can present your tokens, services, and products. A lot of blockchain marketing companies are in this business. We can help you create your own blockchain or choose from different existing blockchains to market your product with the power of crypto minted on the blockchain.

Crypto Marketing Agency


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which is how funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. 

What are Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)? ICO is another form of cryptocurrency that businesses use in order to raise capital. Through ICO trading platforms, investors receive unique cryptocurrency “tokens” in exchange for their monetary investment in the business.

Launching a new cryptocurrency is an exciting time for any blockchain team. We, as one of the top ico marketing firms, have spent countless hours developing your vision. We work hard to make it a reality, and now the moment has come to share it with the world.

Your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) needs not only to be well-developed, and informative but also clearly communicated.  However, It has to generate the response you need to make your dream a success.

Raise your capital with an ICO.
Lion ADV as ICO marketers has a team of experts that can help you to build a platform for your own tokens on a private blockchain. This is your chance to be a part of the latest technological business.

Presence on Social Media

Killer marketing on social platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook is a must.

It can not be overlooked for a successful Cryptocurrency marketing campaign. As we know, being a cryptocurrency marketing company and creating a cryptocurrency marketing plan isn’t an easy task. But we took responsibility for your advertising. It’s time to take your brand awareness to the next level!

Social & digital media is a must-have marketing tool in today’s world. Your business will generate a higher ROI if you have an effective social & digital media presence named Twitter, youtube, and more. Furthermore your brand will be able to reach target customers, expand your customer base and validate your brand! Increase brand awareness and boost your crypto ICO project’s online marketing through Lion ADV social management and marketing strategy.

It is really crucial to get the word out, and there is no better place to create and promote your cryptocurrency marketing campaign than social & digital media marketing. 

Lion ADV is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in cryptocurrency marketing, media management. We are experts in the blockchain.

Also, the NFT market has grown to new heights recently. We could help you to analyze the current NFT market and capitalize on it!
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Lion Adv_Celebrities and Instagram Influencers

Celebrities and Instagram Influencers

Many celebrities and well-known people are promoting ICOs and cryptocurrency in general. While some of them are quite well known (like Floyd Mayweather, Paris Hilton, Jamie Foxx), others are more obscure. While the cryptocurrency industry is constantly evolving, the media accounts of these celebrities will help your business.

Having celebrities and Instagram influencers promote your product on their online media pages is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and conversion. After top celebrities promote your product, it will become the next talk of the town. And everyone would want to know more about it. There are more chances that a potential investor will even consider making the investment in it.

Lion ADV’s dynamic celebrity and Instagram influencers team can be utilized for social marketing strategy, to help bring attention to your project. We are adept at creating custom content that is engaging and informational. Our team is actively connected with hundreds of celebrities, such as athletes, actors, actresses, and Instagram influencers.  Who are interested in DeFi marketing, so do not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself benefitted with the right strategy!

Crypto is so vast and in-depth industry/community that it could be easy for anyone to be lost. Lion ADV specializes in marketing strategies on all the social platforms that are relevant to the crypto community. Apart from creating campaigns, they also provide you with the necessary tools to make your project successful.

There is a big competition among marketing agencies, but Lion ADV offers a complete set of services.  We design them to get your goals and perform outstanding project management. 
As a responsible and reliable marketing company, we pay special attention to our team. Which is dedicated to providing superior service and results.

Our Process

At Lion, we know that each crypto project is one-of-a-kind with a unique set of opportunities. Our crypto promotion team develops crypto strategies based on the specifics of each project and therefore, brings results.

We choose the most effective social channels to communicate that message and build a marketing funnel. Lion’s crypto marketing team works alongside our clients, helping them to define their target audience. And fine-tune the message to each specific community in the crypto space. 

We are intimately familiar with the lingo, culture, and context of the crypto and NFT community. We can advise our clients on the most relevant visuals and wording to drive the message home to the target audience. All you need is the right strategy.

There are several ways to do cryptocurrency marketing, influencer, and affiliate marketing on all media channels. Each of these channels has its own strengths and shortcomings. We believe that a combination of multiple channels is always the best way to go. As that offers you more room for innovative ideas, better exposure, and hence, greater results for the success of your project.

Lion ADV is a specialist marketing agency covering all aspects of marketing strategies, either on social or on billboards. Our marketing strategies are based on the key eye on overall media and current trends.

Influencer marketing is another way, by which our agency takes advantage. We make sure to get more attention through all media platforms, especially digital marketing platforms.Our company knows its importance and uses the right strategy to help you thrive in the industry.

Our Crypto Marketing Services

Lion ADV cryptocurrency marketing services cover a vast area of expertise. We always have the best strategies to give your project the best coverage which it deserves. Our expertise includes search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), email marketing, influencers marketing, affiliate marketing, and furthermore, content creation. Email marketing works best and similarly, it tends to give results.

These are the qualities that make our marketing company the best among leading crypto marketing agencies.

Cryptocurrency marketing strategy

Launching a basic marketing project is different. But the marketing agencies have to consider the competition and several online marketing factors when it comes to a crypto project. Any thriving business must make sure that their clients are aware of the products and services they offer. We need to be creative, use effective promotional strategies and make sure we implement them correctly.
Especially When it comes to marketing campaigns, especially those taking place in the digital currency world.
we need to be creative, use effective promotional strategies and make sure we implement them correctly.

Below are some of the marketing strategies which we use to get the best results for our crypto campaign.

Social Media

These days social media management is the most important online marketing strategy. Marketing teams use many platforms to connect with the global crypto community. And they pull the spotlight onto their marketing plan or project management. Apart from the traditional marketing services media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, businesses can also employ BTT and Steemit for more exposure in the industry. Crypto companies have the freedom to market their brand by sponsoring events, creating marketing campaigns, and publishing blogs on different platforms. Social media is a major component of any marketing strategy these days. They help connect to global audiences and create a buzz around your coin marketing.

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing anything. It helps in reaching a global audience and establishing a connection with them. Media marketing companies have the top priority to get the word out through one of the most important quality content through digital marketing strategies of any company, and especially when you talk about a cryptocurrency ICO or STOs it becomes more important.


A website is essential for customers to be able to find your brands and business. It is the best tool not only to market any business but also to have people come in and check out what you have to offer them. For your potential investors to know everything about their coin, after that, they must get a relevant web design and create an online platform.

Cryptocurrency marketers or agency with clients who want to promote their new token or ICO definitely needs a website. A website is a perfect place to get in front of your target audience and make a great first impression. You can include the latest news, real-time pricing data, updates on events, and more.

Press release

The dedicated press release and PR services will amplify the information of any upcoming tokens, or any big-name discussion that is taking place. There are several online press releases websites that also have crypto-dedicated PR sites. That helps you publish your news about the coin and brands. Make a good impression with your press releases. We help tokens, ICO, and blockchain businesses publish their press releases on top-tier and relevant news sites like Bitcoin News, CoinGeek and others. The press release is not only a strong content marketing strategy but also a good press release services can help in promoting the launch of the upcoming token sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool to help businesses reach their target audiences directly by sending tailored messages. E-mails can be about the crypto project to potential investors or communities. It is a form of direct marketing that can be used to publicize new project launches. They are also used in cryptocurrency marketing, and token sale. Through this direct method of marketing, we can send the status of NFT drop, and upcoming announcements of brands in which investors would be interested.

You can always use an email marketing company which is a great way to build stronger relationships with your customers. You can send not only targeted emails, and news, but also other updates about products and services to your existing customers. People interested in your project launch, token launch, and potential investors will definitely be responsive. This allows you to market the right message directly to the right person at the right time.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the space. You can invest in influencers to accelerate your growth and launch your token successfully. Influencers are loved by their followers and can boost your network in a short amount of time. As the name suggests Influencer marketing is a technique of marketing a product, service, or idea through influential people i.e. influencers in that particular niche market, who have the power to affect purchasing decisions of others. Influencers are a great way to spread the word about cryptocurrencies. Influencers can help you reach a large number of people, who might otherwise be completely unaware of your project. After such a long experience, we found the most effective way to gain followers quickly is to use the power of influencers.

Affiliate Marketing

Both affiliate and influencers marketing relies on a network of individuals, other than the brand itself, to do the heavy lifting of marketing. While influencers are the sole party responsible for marketing the company, affiliate marketing involves various parties. It works by spreading product marketing and the creation responsibilities across various parties, to attract investors and highlight companies. To bring the company's image up marketing agency plays the crucial role

By using affiliate marketing we can engage multiple people to pitch in to sell a product. However, the affiliate is a digital form of trusted word-of-mouth marketing whereby a referral link generated by a seller is placed in blogs, product reviews, or social & digital media posts results in potential investors in the project.

Paid Advertising

The most likely type of advertising that a marketing company might choose to do is paid promotion. However, the most popular sources are search engines, Facebook, Reddit, and Google ads. Paid advertising is a pay-per-click advertisement model which draws the attention of the public and after that it brings hype to the project. It takes proper research from the marketing company to identify appropriate keywords and associate them with their projects to make them visible to outsiders or to those who have less knowledge.

A platform like Google ads is a great example of providing opportunities for pay-per-click advertisements. Paid mrketing may be used to create a marketing label for the project.

This is a direct way to get in front of targeted audiences. Google and Facebook have the most targeted advertising. This can be an effective way to communicate with people who are not in the crypto community but may want what we will offer.

Direct Messaging

If you want to draw your customers' attention toward any upcoming events of your company, then you should definitely opt for it. They will surely be interested to hear from you to be updated on the crypto project and other campaigns. Pushing a real-time message will conclude a user on the spot and notify them about the latest crypto market update.

Referral Programs

Referral marketing has the highest retention and conversion rates among all other marketing channels. Simply put, it is an act of word-of-mouth promotion from your loyal customers to their friends and family. To incentivize this process, companies offer an extra reward for each referral along with the main product. It benefits both the new customer as well as the referring customer. The new customer gets something exciting and worth their money, while at the same time, the existing customer for whom this process was running is also rewarded appropriately for bringing the new one in.


Airdrops make your tokens reach a wider audience by distributing them for free. It also includes the promotion of your project to a wider audience, which in turn helps you to gain more users and followers. Unlike ICOs, the majority of airdrops are free and small in size. As a result, they are no longer popular, but they still have some benefits for cryptocurrency. Airdrops are used by many startups as a marketing strategy for getting the word out about their project quickly and easily. Many start-ups distribute free tokens to community members to build an early user base.
Cryptocurrency is all about getting the investor’s attention. As you can see in the above-mentioned areas of marketing, cryptocurrency is marketed in many different ways. Marketing is a critical component of any business. Without marketing, it can be difficult for businesses to thrive, or even survive. For cryptocurrency, marketing is especially important to the large number of ICO projects that are going to be launched through business websites or other media platforms.  

Build Your
Cryptocurrency Brand

Lion ADV can build your cryptocurrency brand by highlighting more specific strategies, including being customer-focused, using gamification of your crypto and marketing campaign, and leveraging the power of influencers marketing.

However, It’s now possible to build and launch a cryptocurrency in a matter of days. But successfully marketing this currency is an entirely different challenge. Here are a few steps to consider when building your brand:

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Use case knowledge

Lions ADV can build your cryptocurrency brand by highlighting more specific strategies, including being customer-focused, using gamification of your crypto and marketing campaign, and leveraging the power of influencers marketing. It's now possible to build and launch a cryptocurrency in a matter of days. But successfully marketing this currency is an entirely different challenge. Here are a few steps to consider when building your brand:

Consensus mechanism

Consensus mechanisms are the protocols that ensure the participating nodes agree on which blockchain transactions should be considered legitimate and added to the block. There are plenty of choices for a consensus mechanism that will best fit your business objectives.

Chose a blockchain platform

Your choice of a blockchain platform will depend on the consensus mechanism you’ve selected. To give you a better idea of what is out there, here is a list of the most popular blockchain platforms: Ethereum, Waves, NEMNxt, BlockStarter, EOS, BitShares 2.0, or CoinList

Design the Nodes

Imagine blockchain as a wall: nodes are the bricks that comprise it. Nodes are internet-connected devices supporting a blockchain by performing various tasks, from data storage to transaction verification. Blockchains depend on nodes for support, efficiency, and security.

Blockchain's internal structure

The blockchain internal structure should be set carefully because some of the parameters can not be changed once the blockchain platform is launched. It’s a good idea to take your time and really think through it.

API design

Before getting started with the development of your product, pay special attention to what blockchain APIs are provided by your platform. Make sure that the APIs can perform all the necessary functions.

Interface design

An intuitive user interface is critical to ensure smooth communication between your blockchain and its participants. A beautifully designed logo and a nice interface are a must-catch.
Overall building a cryptocurrency brand is a detailed and hefty job that takes a lot of expertise. Our teams are well prepared to take on these kinds of challenges and come up with the perfect solution for clients’ projects.

Celebrities Promotions

I have been working in communication and social networks for 10 years, I have helped crypto coins not only to hire celebrities but also influencers.

Celebrities  have a great effect on consumers’ buying behavior. Moreover, The addition of a celebrity can help the exposure of your coin to a greater audience and improve your investor confidence.

Celebrity endorsements are the most effective way to grow your business.In other words,  Lion ADV will make it possible that your favorite celebrities can promote your brand, and enable people to tip them about ICO.

Crypto Marketing Agency

Crypto Celebrity Promotion

Lion ADV works with world-class celebrities and Instagram public figures with millions of followers. Therefore we help our clients gain global visibility to their ico projects by millions of people through celebrity endorsement and promotion.

Instagram Posts

Our Celebrity Partnership service includes celebrity posts either with photos or with images that represent your crypto project or token and include a tag on your Instagram page for maximum reach. Therefore, our Instagram promotion always bring results.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories by celebrities are the perfect tool to boost traffic to your website or your social account by including a swipe-up link to the story.

Celebrity Tweets for Crypto

Twitter's unique audience is dominated not only by millennials but also by crypto fans. It makes it a perfect place to promote in ico industry and engage with the community. At Lion ADV, we help businesses gain more visibility not only for their projects but also for tokens through celebrity-sponsored tweets read by millions of followers. However, we do all the processes under the due diligence of experts.

Digital Billboard Advertising

Lion ADV team delivers maximum visibility for our clients in the shortest time possible. Above all ,Advertising ico on Times Square and NASDAQ digital screen in New York City allows achieving millions of views. In other words, we can say that it is the world's busiest place for business and finance.








Entrepreneurs while considering promoting their projects and looking for a reliable crypto company often come up with many questions. At Lion ADV, our team is happy to advise our clients on the most efficient ways to achieve visibility and credibility to ico projects. Below are our FAQs to help you not only to learn more about how Lion ADV in Miami but also can assist in promoting your project to potential clients and investors.

How are you familiar with the specifics of the crypto space and crypto marketing?

Our team in Miami is well-versed in the context and marketing approaches to promote NFT. We track multiple projects and their marketing. Furthermore, we analyze feedback from the community. In conclusion we adapt our approaches to gain the most visibility with our crypto advertising campaigns.

At Lion ADV, we definitely are aware of the existing legal constraints for crypto marketing on media and beyond.

We are knowledgeable how to address not only the desires but also the expectations of the crypto community without overstepping the legal boundaries.

Do you offer SEO optimization, blog development and other crypto marketing services along with celebrity promotion?

Lion ADV provides all types of marketing services to run either a successful crypto marketing campaign. Furthermore, NFT promotions online through not only media, and blogs but also websites. We can help drive more traffic to your website through celebrity promotion, help with SEO optimization for your website or additionally with a blog, and run a crypto promotion campaign on the internet.

Can you help with visual design and video production for crypto marketing?

At Lion, we have built a professional network with not only leading photographers, and designers but also creators, who cooperate with us in creating captivating visual designs for our clients' Instagram posts, websites, marketing materials or videos.

Where can I promote my cryptocurrency?

There are many platforms where you can promote your cryptocurrencies like Social media, Website, Press Release, Email , Influencer, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Advertising, Direct Messaging, You can also use either referral programs or Airdrops. In other words, we can do all this for you.

What is the use of Blockchain Marketing?

Blockchain has become a helpful tool not only for advertising but also for promotion. Blockchain's decentralized ledger technology offers a lift in advertising cost transparency and deeper insights into audience interactions with ad campaigns.

How do you promote cryptocurrency?

The most effective ways to promote cryptocurrency are either through Website, Press Releases or Bitcoin Communities. Similarly, Paid Promotion, Reddit, Display Campaigns, Web Design, Direct Messaging,  Email, Influencer Marketing, and more.
Being an active crypto agency, we took charge of all the processes. You don't need to hire different ico marketing agencies. We work as a cryptocurrency marketing company as well as with ico marketing agencies.

Where can I market crypto?

You can market through many channels, either by social media and website, or by email , influencer marketing. Press release and airdrops are also a good way. For detailed information please read our cryptocurrency marketing strategy section above.

What are the 4 types of cryptocurrency?

Crypto can be classified into different categories, it can be either DeFi, NFT, Tokens like bitcoin, or litecoin. Similarly, yield farming tokens like Aave.

How do you promote a crypto project?

There are many ways to promote projects some of them are: 

  1. Influencer Campaigns and Marketing.
  2. Discord and Telegram Community Growth.
  3. Social Media.
  4. Cryptocurrency Content Writing.
  5. PR & Sponsored Articles.
  6. PPC Marketing (Pay-Per-Click)
  7. Video Creation.
  8. Website
  9. Email marketing

What is crypto marketing?

Crypto Marketing is a way to promote the business of Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Also to Crypto Wallets, and other Crypto Businesses. It is known as Blockchain Marketing which includes everything from creating content. From building brand equity to distributing it. We do it through digital channels and engaging with potential investors or companies. Therefore, we are popular among high-ticket clients.

What are crypto marketers?

A marketer is a person or team with the task to promote business and build brand awareness, website engagement, getting customers, enhancing customer engagement, improve sales and profits figures. Thus, crypto marketers take care of all the marketing and promotion of the crypto project.

Is crypto a growing market?

Yes,  the Cryptocurrency market is growing annually at a CAGR of around 29.5%.  And, Additionally, through our  primary research, we knew that the value of the Cryptocurrency market was at USD 800 million in 2020 and is likely to cross around USD 5200 million by 2028.

The most exciting thing about the growth of crypto attracts more and more investors every day.

What is a crypto marketing agency?

The Crypto Marketing Agency is the most comprehensive way for blockchain companies either to manage or scale their digital marketing. A cryptocurrency marketing Agency can help a business to generate the highest returns on their crypto projects and ICO.
You can visit this website for detailed information about this industry.

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