Crypto Marketing

Lion ADV in Miami helps blockchain startups and major crypto platforms gain instant visibility to their projects through celebrity promotions, Instagram campaigns and social media marketing. Our team develops sound digital marketing strategies to help you boost your crypto marketing campaign, build a robust marketing funnel and provide for your authentic online presence. Our team works tirelessly to help our clients from the crypto space get more exposure and credibility, leveraging our connections with world-class celebrities and Instagram influencers with millions of followers. At Lion ADV, we work across all social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok, Telegram and many others. Our team can help you deliver your message to the most diverse audiences leveraging the unique advantages of each social media platform.

Our Process

At Lion, we know that each crypto project is one-of-a-kind with a unique set of opportunities that can be catering to different audiences. Our crypto promotion team develops crypto marketing strategies based on the specifics of each project, choosing the most effective social media channels to communicate that message and building a marketing funnel to turn visitors into customers. Lion's crypto marketing team works alongside our clients, helping them to define their target audience and fine-tune the message to each specific community in the crypto space. We are intimately familiar with the lingo, culture and context of the crypto and NFT community and can advise our clients on the most relevant visuals and wording to drive the message home to the target audience.

Crypto Marketing Agency

Our Crypto Marketing Services

Lion ADV is a specialized crypto marketing agency with a strong focus on celebrity promotion and social media marketing on Instagram, Twitter and other social media. We are also well-known for creating ultra-modern visuals and assisting clients in crypto advertising on
Times Square and NASDAQ billboards in New York.


Celebrities promotions

I have been working in communication and social networks for 10 years,
I have helped crypto coins to hire celebrities and influencers.

Crypto Celebrity Promotion

Lion ADV works with world-class celebrities and Instagram public figures with millions of followers. We help our clients gain global visibility to their crypto projects by millions of people through celebrity endorsement and promotion.

Instagram Posts

Our Celebrity Partnership service includes celebrity posts with photos or images that represent your crypto project or token and include a tag to your Instagram page for maximum reach.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories by celebrities are the perfect tool to boost traffic to your website or your social media account by including a swipe-up link to the story.

Celebrity Tweets for Crypto

Twitter's unique audience dominated by millennials and crypto fans makes it a perfect place to promote crypto projects and engage with the crypto community. At Lion ADV, we help crypto businesses gain more visibility to their projects and tokens through celebrity-sponsored tweets read by millions of followers.

Digital Billboard Advertising

Lion ADV team is committed to delivering maximum visibility for our clients in the shortest time possible. Advertising crypto projects on Times Square and NASDAQ digital screen in New York City allows achieving millions of views in the world's busiest place for business and finance.








When crypto entrepreneurs consider promoting their projects and look for a reliable crypto marketing agency, they often come up with many questions. At Lion ADV, our team is happy to advise our clients on the most efficient ways to achieve visibility and credibility to crypto projects. Below are our FAQs to help you learn more about how Lion ADV in Miami can assist in promoting your crypto project to potential clients and investors.

How are you familiar with the specifics of the crypto space and crypto marketing?

Our team in Miami is well-versed in the crypto context and marketing approaches used to promote NFT and crypto. We track multiple crypto projects and their marketing, analyze feedback from the community and adapt our approaches to gain the most visibility with our crypto advertising campaigns.

At Lion ADV, we are also aware of the existing legal constraints for crypto marketing on social media and beyond. We are knowledgeable how to address the desires and expectations of the crypto community without overstepping the legal boundaries.

Do you offer SEO optimization, blog development and other crypto marketing services along with celebrity promotion?

Lion ADV provides all types of marketing services to run a successful crypto marketing campaign or NFT promotions online through social media, blogs and websites. We can help drive more traffic to your website through celebrity promotion, help with SEO optimization for your website or a blog and run a crypto promotion campaign on social media.

Can you help with visual design and video production for crypto marketing?

At Lion, we have built a professional network with leading photographers, designers and other creators, who cooperate with us in creating captivating visual designs for our clients' Instagram posts, websites, marketing materials or videos.