NFT Celebrities Promotion: The Craze Of Crypto World

NFT Celebrities Promotion

NFT Celebrities Promotion: The Craze Of Crypto World

NFT Celebrities Promotion is the latest advertising trend in the crypto marketing industry due to the success of celebrity-backed crypto projects. The non-fungible world is such an attractive place where celebrities are getting engaged gradually. A lot of top-ranked celebrities are doing some great work to make NFT assets. 

These non-fungible tokens are pieces of assets that give someone the sole ownership of any artwork or irreplaceable asset.

Here is an easy example for you: Suppose you need an artwork with only one piece available in the world. Not in several parts. In this case, what is going to happen? You are not the only one needing that particular piece of artwork. There are a lot more people. Yes, that’s an NFT.

Depending on the demand, the NFT’s prices rise. So it mostly depends on the popularity of the author. People spend thousands of dollars to buy their favorite NFT. Generally, the number of an NFT’s copies is finite, and the creator decides how many copies he will produce. 

Celebrities are now launching their own NFTs and targeting the market to achieve a high value for those. We can’t deny that their NFTs don’t require a lot of promotion. Their names are enough to sell those at a very high price.

So, today we are going to talk about NFT celebrities promotion in crypto art marketing.

Celebrities Who Took Part In The NFT Celebrities Promotion

Shawn Mendes

The very popular Canadian singer and songwriter Shawn Mendes has entered the NFT world. He launched his NFT’s and sold them for over six thousand dollars till now. This brilliant musician did not just sell his music or any other art. He gave his Guitar, Necklace, Keychain, jewelry, and lots of other things to NFT’s. 

All these NFTs were sold at a very high price in a short time. 

Shawn Mendes donated all the money earned from his NFT to the Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants.

This 23-year-old bright star made a great footstep in the NFT world.

Lindsay Lohan

In the NFT celebrities promotion, Lindsay Lohan is not a new name. This celeb girl always keeps herself up to date with the recent trends. Then why not NFT? She was there almost from the beginning of NFT marketing

Lindsay Lohan minted her token in February, and it was sold for 50,000 dollars. She released a lot of her songs as an NFT form. Her Song Lullaby has an NFT format. You can stream the music anytime, but the NFT version has a visual that will take you somewhere else.

In addition, Lindsay Lohan’s EDM song and a few other songs were released in the NFT marketplace. Those songs made very attractive money.

Amitabh Bachchan

Here comes the famous Bollywood celebrity Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh Bachchan has collaborated with to launch his first NFT. He is the first person from Bollywood who get involved with NFT’s world. 

Rhiti Entertainments Beyondlife.Com has a partnership with They give space to celebrities from Bollywood, Hollywood, or any other nation in the NFT marketplace. The global artists, celebs, athletes all can launch their first NFT movies. The NFT organization will select the legendary and unique artworks and place them with Bachchan’s valuable film.

Amitabh Bachchan’s NFT movie Madhushala’s auction took place in the first week of November. It Has received the Hughes bidding in India ever in history. On the first day of the auction, it bids 420,000 dollars, and the auction ended with 765,000 dollars. 

Madhushalas NFT was a poetry collection written by the actors’ fathers and recorded with Amitabh’s voice.

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi, Is famous for his Scottish songs. The musician recently announced that he is also starting his Journey in this new craze of NFT celebrities promotion. He is going to release some NFT tickets, with which the fans and followers can meet him personally and experience something beyond all the expectations. 

Lewis will make all the things in conjunction with Bondly, a tech company. They invite the fans for an experimental journey where they will experience it with a few perks for some of the suitable measures. The buyers of the tokens of Lewis Capaldi will be attending an event next year where they will sit for private in-person activities. 

The thing to mention, the tickets can not be forged anyhow. Each of those will belong to the first owner. 


Eminem started his Journey in NFT’s world with his first NfT album, “Shady Con,” on the nifty gateway. This album is consists of original beats, comic books, and trading cards.

In an announcement, Eminen informed that he collected all these from his boyhood. The comic books, toys, basketball collections, and all the albums. 

So this rap star presented lots of emotion from his childhood as NFT’s. It was a kind of NFT festival for the Eminem fans.

He Made almost 1.8 million dollars from the sale. He donated a particular amount to the Marshall Mathers Foundation.

Kings of Leon

“When You See Yourself” is the first collection of the American rock band Kings of Leon. On March 5, 2021, they released the album, in which the tokens are so unique as the album consists of amazing artworks. 

Kings of Leon also held an auction for their concert tickets. This ticket series is for four front seats of their one show of each King of Leon tour for life. 

The popular Band made 2 million from their NFT’s sale and donated 5,00,000$ to Live Nations Crew Nation Fund.

Final Thoughts

With this very welcoming trend of NFT celebrities Promotion, The celebrities are interacting with their fans by selling their NFT’s, Inviting them to concerts. Also, they are receiving more appreciation than ever before. Fans are getting opportunities to get closer to their idols. 

This celebrity trend is taking a significant part in NFT’s Marketing. The Crypto world is becoming more popular and started shining with the stars.

NFT Marketplace has gained immense popularity and the trust of people with their money. Celebrities’ involvement can lead this market to the most attractive place to invest.

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