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Top 10 NFT Influencers | The Voice of Crypto Marketing

With the progress of the NFT world, digital art marketing is getting more and more attractive day by day. A lot of people and businesses are becoming interested in investing in NFTs. We can see a lot of NFT work nowadays. This digital art marketing sector is exploding.

 We always talked about the people and businesses involved in creating NFT, but some people are working behind the scenes. The influencers are the people, social media channels, groups, and organizations that do or do not create NFTs but influence others to work with digital artworks and create NFTs. 

 The NFT influencers can create something intense, something new with existing art, media, fashion, gaming, blogs, writing pieces, intellectualism, and many more things. 

It’s time we talk about the people and the media behind creating interest for NFT among the people.

 They are working on the enthusiasm that general people have for NFT marketing, finding their unique ways to involve more people, and helping with ideas about how artwork can become an NFT.

 So, here we will be talking about the contribution of NFT influencers for creating a better market. You’ll also be introduced to such influencers who have become examples of how influence works to develop and grow the NFT market.

 The Role Of NFT Influencers In NFT Marketing

 Usually, the first question that arrives is, why is influence so crucial in NFT marketing? But, then, what do the influencers do?

 Here are some points to mention:

  • The main thing an NFT influencer does is motivate other people to be engaged in earning with NFT. 
  • The influencers are doing an excellent job of assisting people in increasing their NFT assets and increasing value. 
  • You are interested in NFT marketing. Do you know how to start? How to go ahead with the strategy So, you search on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites. You got the point.
  • To create an NFT and spread NFT to a massive number of people, you need some knowledge and plans. Influencers always come up with some points to get you more demand.

Mostly, influencers choose two media to create content and reach their audience. Twitter and YouTube.

Here, we are presenting two different lists that include top Twitter and YouTube NFT celebrities’ promos.

The Top-Rated NFT Influencers To Follow On Twitter Are:

 Jose Delbo 

The familiar Jose Delbo is a part of the NFT craze. He is a book writer whose most well-known works are Wonder Woman and Transformer.  

This famous NFT influencer has demonstrated how a classic writer and old schoolboy can create fantastic artworks later into NFTs.You can follow him to get unique ideas about traditional NFT artwork.

 MEV Collector

Think about making 800 ETH in 30 days. Sounds impossible? The MEV creator has entered the NFT world and made 800 ETH in almost 30 days. You can imagine how hard this thing is to do. He has nearly 25,000 assets in the NFT world.  

This Twitter influencer has had an incredible outcome and has become one of the most followed NFT influencers.  

Antoni Tudisco 

Antoni Tudisco is another top-rated influencer on Twitter. He is a digital artist who is now spreading knowledge among other people to create more digital intellectuality.

This Crypto artist is now collaborating with Steve Aoki and working on Crypto Jewelry. Following this artist would be an excellent decision to enrich your knowledge of Digital NFT art and its unique style.

Mirko Scarcella

Have you ever heard of Lion Adv? This crypto marketing agency has been working with celebrities and influencers for a long time. Mirko Scarcella is the founder of this agency, an influencer himself and an author, a social media expert, and an entrepreneur. 

He is a famous influencer on Twitter and Instagram. To gain more knowledge about crypto marketing, NFT promotion, Crypto marketing companies, and to find a better way to go ahead with your NFT strategy, you should follow this familiar young face, Mirko Scarcella.

Cozomo De Medici

Who doesn’t love Snoop Dogg? This biggest name in the music industry was previously known for his incredible raps. However, this celebrity is now showing an interest in the NFT world. With this increasing craze of NFT marketing, Snoop has become a perfect NFT creator and influencer. Maybe most of his followers don’t know that the account belongs to him. He named this account after a 15th-century banker from Italy. The total net worth of Cozomo De Medici’s NFT collection is approximately seventeen million dollars. 

The Top-Rated NFT Influencers To Follow On YouTube Are:

The Bitcoin Express

The Bitcoin Express is one of the first channels to talk about musicians selling their music to NFTs. This Youtube channel has over 110k subscribers, and its engagement rate is 4.98%. Though the number of his followers is not a big one to mention, the quality of the content is! Since the beginning of 2019, this guy has been uploading videos on unique NFT works, NFT marketing, Crypto tutorials, reviews, the most important news, and various other topics. The way The Bitcoin Express is working on their content quality and the type of informative videos they make is amazingly praiseworthy. 

To learn more about the NFT world, following this channel is the best advice we can give. 

NFT Times 

NFT Times is a beneficial channel that streams NFT influencer MR. Fungible’s voice. Mr. Fungible uploads a lot of videos on NFT marketing on his YouTube channel. You will get videos every week. The videos include essential news, current updates, new sourcing, new investing, tutorials, helpful information about the NFT world, and many more. You will get all the information about what happened in a whole week in his weekly updates. Mr. Fugible has made some helpful videos to get into this digital online marketing world for the newcomers. So, if anyone is thinking about a new beginning or looking for a new place to invest, NFT Times is one of the best places to visit. 


For the WAX lovers, is mainly a Youtube channel for you guys. However, people who are interested in NFT blockchain content can pay a visit to the WAX. School. This YouTube channel can take you to the interviews of most of your favorite NFT creators. Also, you will get videos on interesting NFT arts, gaming, Defi Ecosystems, and some other content. This channel has proved its skill in NFT marketing through its videos on YouTube. Not to mention, their videos can show you examples of quality content. 

For all the video game lovers interested in NFT marketing, this channel is one of the best to visit.

Anthony Pompliano 

This channel undoubtedly needs no introduction. Anyone who has an interest in NFT is familiar with this name. Anthony Pompliano is a cryptocurrency advocate who has been uploading videos on YouTube for a long time. His videos are real gems. 

This famous cryptocurrency advisor was on CNN and CNBC. In addition, he has made some essential podcasts on NFT marketing, NFT interest sectors, NFT artwork, NFT space, and many more. His content is among the best on cryptocurrency.

The most noticeable thing about his YouTube channel is that the videos are full of very truthful information and advice. Anthony Pompliano is one of the best YouTube channels. 

Giancarlo Buys Tokens

Before talking about this guy’s work, there is something else to discuss. That is a scam in the cryptocurrency world. Maybe it sounds so dull, but cryptocurrency scams are genuine to hear. 

Some many people and groups try to involve people in investing in the fake marketplace. Scamming is the worst thing that you must avoid. 

In Giancarlo Buys Tokens, this guy produces some unique and informative videos. In lots of his videos, he raised awareness against crypto scams. One of the essential topics in his videos is to ignore the scams. You will find some critical guidelines to get into the open market. 

Also, you will get knowledge about NFT in-depth research and analysis, avoiding paid promotion. The channel has 42.3k subscribers, and its engagement rate is 5.19%.  

Wrapping Up

NFT influencers are the perfect way to promote NFT, reach more people, and create hype about a specific topic. There is a common saying, “We love who we love.” Yes, people, in general, hear the voices of their favorite people. But, words matter! and you know what matters the most? Who are the words coming from! 

So, the NFT influencers get attraction and attention from their followers, which helps them reach more people and engage them in the NFT world. 

Are you interested in the NFT world? Then, visit the Twitter as mentioned above accounts, YouTube channels and enrich your knowledge about NFT. Eventually, you will find the extensive networks of influencers are the most appealing thing in NFT marketing.

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