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Lion ADV is the most trusted NFT Marketing Agency.

Lion’s NFT marketing team based in Miami offers a full range of digital marketing services. We aim to help you promote your NFTs across numerous digital marketplace as well as social media channels.
We do celebrity endorsements on Times Square and NASDAQ billboards, websites, and newsletter campaigns.

NFT Billboard

Lion Adv is providing the best platform to creative businesses but also to marketers. The businesses which are stuck in the same old marketing techniques with no results. Same platforms, same customers but thousands of new businesses are ready to grasp the attention of NFT collectors.

They are everything, in emails, Facebook notifications, and even on WhatsApp. Customers are confused by a lot of notifications, discounts and above all from sellers. The genuine customers are looking for some real deals, therefore we need to hit the market.

Everything you need to know about the celebrity NFT Holders - BENZINGA_Article eritten by Mirko Scarcella_Lion ADV
Everything You Need to Know About Celebrity NFT Holders By Mirko Scarcella

Dilemma of Marketing

As a business owner, you need the promotion of your NFTs and connect with your buyers. You don’t want to fall victim to a platform’s algorithms or rely on organic reach from a feed. We are here to hold your business and help you get the visibility you deserve.  Lion Adv is the best marketing agency to get your work noticed on all social media channels and platforms.

Believe us, the consumer psyche is one hell of knowledge. And we know how to maintain the balance between being pushy or taken for granted.  Our work and techniques speak for themselves.

Marketing Strategy

While the NFT market has become crowded, there is still room for your work to stand out. With the right NFT marketing plan and an emphasis on your unique NFT project, you’ll be able to do the promotion of your NFT project.  And spread the word about your creations and make it easy for people to access them. Who doesn’t like to own a popular NFT community?

This will ensure that you reap the rewards of all of your hard work and get your visibility. Marketing strategy is all about creating demand, identifying, and communicating with a target audience. And guiding that audience towards your ultimate goal.

However, before you start promoting the specific project, you need a strategy or a roadmap. It is necessary to ensure you’re optimizing your resources and getting the most growth from your NFT marketing efforts.

Promote Nfts And Get Good Profit_Lion Adv

Ways to Promote your NFT

There are several ways to do promotion of your NFT projects either on the social media marketplace or through channels. We do promote on Instagram, and Twitter, promote NFTs on Reddit, hire an Influencer for promoting your NFT project, promote NFTs on Telegram Channels, and email marketing.  And using paid advertising to add extra value to the market of your NFT.Your project has a long way to go on.

You can also join the NFT community on social media channels to obtain better results.


Selling NFT on Instagram is a very common way to reach millions of people and affect them! We have top marketing experts who will help you to promote your NFT to a huge audience. Also on the social media accounts celebrities who are worldwide known.

NFT marketing is still new and many people are not familiar with its benefits. Instagram, however, is a popular place where NFT collectors love to find new artwork.


NFT marketing campaigns on Twitter are designed to help you get your NFT. We get your project not only in front of thousands of true collectors, investors, but also buyers within the NFT Marketing community. 

This solution is driven by social engagements on Twitter and allows an artist to reach out to new collectors. Because it is based with more of a focus on the merits of individual NFT projects. Twitter offers a fantastic online opportunity for NFT promotions, artists, and art collectors to display their artwork. Because  Twitter and discord are two important communities so they are used to release and adv crypto and to get the hype.

NFTs on Reddit

Reddit is a valuable place to find not only quality advice about NFTs but also a detailed discussion. Be part of a dynamic and interactive community of people discussing all things NFT. If you are looking for answers about NFT, Reddit has the forum for your project . If you’re interested in learning more about investing in NFT art, that’s the forum. Reddit is a marketplace that can help in your launch.

The site is full of useful information in this emerging technology. It is a marketplace that can help in your launch and promotion. You can also get to know other people interested in crypto.

Influencers Marketing

A great way to market your project is through Influencer marketing, which has become an essential part of brand marketing during the pandemic. 80% of marketers consider influencer marketing to be effective.  A huge marketplace is waiting for you to create and drop your post with the perfect launch timing. Market your NFTs through influencers bring quick results when it comes to proper visibility.

Promote NFT on Telegram marketplaces

A Telegram platform, along with discord is a power-charged version of the WhatsApp Broadcast list and it is a medium for one-way broadcast messages. Telegram marketplace helps to market and drop your projects in this space. We do the promotion of your project by helping you reach a targeted audience of investors, collectors, and digital art enthusiasts who can make your token drop successfully. 

Email Marketing

NFT marketing is the promotion of NFT projects through various marketing platforms. We can do email marketing for promoting your NFT projects. A strong email list is still considered one of the best assets of any agency. E-mail is the most ignored way to drop your project and let you take benefit of the space.

Paid Advertising

If you are thinking of creating and promoting your NFT collection, then you are at the right place. You can leave all your worries to Lion Adv, and we will take care of them at our best. The biggest NFT collections are ones with clearly-defined roadmaps, and comprehensive support. A solid presence on the social media marketplace, and different platforms is also necessary.

This not only helps build trust but also generates value. As investors understand how passionate the creators are about their NFT collections.. Our clients are highly satisfied with our marketing agency and strategies and always return with new NFT drops.

Using a mixture of these strategies is bound to do the trick to get your project more popular in the community and have the right value you deserve.  we always find effective ways to advertise the project to investors.

NFTs and Cryptocurrencies

NFT marketing is not only a wide concept but it needs a lot of expert knowledge and research. Because we create the right projects, to promote with the right strategy, before the right community in the right space. NFT drops are not only a launch but also can be used for promoting particular physical products. As a ticket for events, and as a cryptocurrency. People purchase NFT with the help of cryptocurrency which makes it the best in economics.

Markerting_ SpaceX_LionADV.us_Crypto Marketing Agency

What We Best At

Lion ADV offers NFT marketing strategies drawing on our network of NFT influencers and celebrities. We are known for creating state-of-the-art videos for Times Square and NASDAQ billboards.

If you are looking for a trusted digital marketing agency for your NFT promotion then you are at the right place. Lion ADV, based in Miami, is known as a professional NFT marketing agency. We focus on developing and implementing strategies for NFT promotion.


Our team lives and breathes crypto and NFT marketing. At Lion ADV, we pursue the most advanced marketing strategies to promote our clients’ NFTs. We are strongest at celebrities promotion and endorsement and NFT social media marketplaces on Instagram and Twitter. Lion’s team prides itself on our expertise with NFT bill board advertising on Times Square and NASDAQ screens, reported by hundreds of international media such as Reuters, Bloomberg, and Wall Street Journal.

Today NFTs are necessary for any business just like it was important for any business to have a website back in 2005. NFT has become a new internet and real-world sensation. 
Everything you need to know about the celebrity NFT Holders - BENZINGA_Article eritten by Mirko Scarcella_Lion ADV

NFT Influencers and Celebrities

Non-fungible art and collectibles have exploded across the internet in the past few months, and with many artists and enthusiasts pushing for widespread adoption of these digital tokens or NFT space, interest in NFTs is only going to increase. But who are the most important voices when it comes to drop andcreate NFT? Marketing community, Digital Media Solutions investigated and found that many of NFT’s biggest influencers are artists but those with “regular” fine art, aren’t just below regular people in terms of relative importance.

NFTs and Twitter

NFT mapped Twitter and found that the most influential voices in the subcategory are not major celebrities but heavily involved marketing pros, ex-bankers, shadowy super collectors, and of course, artists. It’s no surprise to hear that the most influential voices from these new platforms are the “marketing pros”, but artists were a bit of a shocker.

NFTs and Social Media

Social media can be a bit baffling at times. But if you’re trying to make sense of the buzz around NFT — non-fungible tokens then Twitter may yield some clues. Twitter is a very strong way not only to promote but also to get the attention of the buyers who are seeking NFT.

NFTs and the Artist Community

The artistic community was not only ecstatic about the idea of using NFT in a new format but also quickly became interested in it. Now, celebrities have tokenized everything from music, photographs to artwork using NFT.

Celebrities including Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Grimes, and Emily Ratajkowski have created their own NFTs. Emily  sold a photo of herself titled “Buying Myself Back: A Model for Redistribution”. In Conclusion, it is the latest hype.

It’s no surprise to hear that the most influential voices from these new platforms are the “marketing pros,” but artists were a bit of a shocker.

The artistic community_Lion Adv

Crypto Trends

The rise of NFT and digital collectibles is the hottest new trend in crypto, with a dizzying amount of money pouring into this segment. Because some NFT enthusiasts have a background in marketing or other professional backgrounds which is great value addition, they are able to give the audiences a more effective and honest way to interpret the topic of NFT.

Short Videos for Social Media

A short 15-second video will give your NFT maximum exposure and make it look desirable, especially on Instagram and Facebook. We have a great network of NFT Instagram influencers and celebrities.

They all have high-quality, large followings that are very responsive. We can help you reach millions of their followers. Also, we have a great list of upcoming NFT art events and shows at which we can get your product listed.

NFT Billboard

State of the art videos for Times Square and Nasdaq Billboards

One of our specialties is to create state-of-the-art videos for Times Square One and Nasdaq digital billboards. 

NFT marketing is a new and exploding trend in the digital world. Top NFT collections have reached millions of eyes and hearts. And these numbers are only expected to rise.

In this competitive environment, we create state-of-the-art videos which instantly grab the attention of the viewer and increase the chances of the success of NFT project.

How to sell an NFT collection is always a headache for all social media agencies.

Creative agencies either prefer NFT celebrities’ promotions or collaborate with top marketing agencies.

NFT billboard promotion and agencies for influencers are also popular ways of marketing. But here at Lions ADV, we came up with the most effective ways in the world of NFTs to give you the value and exposure you deserve.

We create NFT marketing videos which increase the chances of visibility of your project. We can create any type of video you want: from a simple commercial to a full-scale presentation with special effects. Our video solutions create real engagement with your audience.

Our Video Production Services

The Lions ADV team is dedicated to delivering high-quality and genuine video production services. Lion Adv’s team is remarkable and has done some very outstanding jobs for prestigious brands in the US.

Our Video Production Team

We have a well-educated, experienced, and certified team in producing marketing videos. Additionally, we connect with the viewers or potential buyers of the NFT project. We deliver effective video solutions that connect with customers and promote your NFT.

Lion ADV’s highly skilled video production staff is always ready for new challenges and always achieves or exceeds clients’ expectations. NFT marketing is a transparent and secure way to market your company. We provide video production facilities to improve the reach and longevity of NFT market content.

Promote your Digital Assets

Advertising in the traditional market is quite different from marketing digital assets, therefore we use our special methods. While most of the usual “time-tested” methods might work, there are things to consider. If you have an NFT you want to market, Lion ADV is the right agency for you.

We combine our passion with top-notch strategies to boost visibility for crypto and NFT creators. At Lion ADV, we pursue the most advanced marketing ways to do the promotion of our clients’ NFTs. Learn more about the services we offer here.

Will_Cryptoskulls Be The New Crypto Punks_Lion Adv

Our Process

When our clients come to Lion ADV for NFT promotion, we maintain quality and transparency.  They know that they will have a team of crypto marketing professionals by their side from day one. While we don’t sell NFTs for our clients, we ensure visibility and credibility of their NFT ads.We do this by helping clients reach millions of potential buyers for their NFTs. Promotion in the most innovative and creative spaces always works. We start by identifying our clients’ ideal buyer persona and the most appropriate communities to reach them with targeted marketing messages. Lion ADV, can promote an NFT with celebrities with millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Because helping our clients benefit from celebrities promotions most suitable to their NFT offering.

Our Strategies

Our clients come for NFT promotion knowing that they will have a team of crypto marketing professionals by their side. By using various digital marketing techniques and channels, we do not only market but also give strategic suggestions. Such as social media, email, Reddit, Discord, Twitter, and other marketplaces we help them reach their target audiences.

Celebrity engagement and the use of NFTs and the crypto that it relies upon are the key drivers for our business. We know that for decades celebrity endorsement has been very important in the growth of luxury products. As well as consumer goods. So, our mission is to invite and inspire celebrities to embrace NFTs earlier.

NFT promotion knowing that they will have a team of crypto marketing professionals
Celebrities Were the first adopters of NFT_Lion Adv

Celebrities Who Love NFTs

Celebrities were the first adopters of NFT. Some famous types have launched their own projects, like Quentin Tarantino, who is selling NFTs based on his original Pulp Fiction screenplay. Others like to draw attention to projects they’ve backed, like the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Eminem, Steve Aoki, Jimmy Fallon, Paris Hilton, Shaquille O’Neal, Post Malone, The Chainsmokers, DJ Khaled, Future, Snoop Dogg, Lil Baby, Mark Cuban, Steph Curry, and Serena Williams have all posted about their apes; Timbaland both owns a BAYC NFT and has launched a production company for BAYC owners.

NFT celebrities’ promotion gives an edge to promote your NFTs project and create a community that is actively interested in the art collection or NFT.

Our Celebrity Hunt

Lions ADV will help you identify which celebrities can be or are interested in promoting your NFTs.

We work with you from start to end, from the beginning stages of spot-checking through post-launch analysis. In addition, we also do complete research. From marketing, creatives, visibility, and much more. We have expertise on which celebrities are best suited for NFT celebrities promo, how much they cost, and their available dates.

If you’re trying to reach a larger audience and have more promotion for your art project, consider partnering with an NFT influencer! We have many clients reach their goals much quicker by having that fast attention that creates hype.

Lion Adv, treats each NFT promotion with unique social media strategies and methods. Our experts spend time with our clients to understand their requirements. Lion Adv’s marketing strategy is based on the deep dive process and hence it is customized for each NFT promotion. Excellent results are an outcome of a disciplined work process.

Celebrity engagement and the use of NFTs and the crypto that it relies upon are the key drivers for our business. We know that for decades celebrity endorsement has been very important in the growth of luxury products, as well as consumer goods. So, our mission is to invite and inspire celebrities to embrace NFTs earlier.

Promote Nfts And Get Good Profit_Lion Adv


NFT Celebrity Endorsement: Based in Miami, Lion Advi s a leader in NFT celebrity endorsement. Our Agency leverages our connections not only with NFT influencers but also with celebrities to help you achieve maximum reach. Furthermore, We can promote through celebrities tagging your NFTs or celebrities posting photos or videos representing your NFTs. In conclusion, we do everything to get results.

NFT Billboard Ads : We help NFT innovators target affluent and innovative communities. And we obtain the most limelight through billboard advertising on the world’s best-known billboards. It includes Times Square and NASDAQ screens.

Press Releases and Blog Posts : Lion’s NFT marketing team helps our clients spread the word about their NFTs with press releases. Promotion in hundreds of focused publications and targeting the crypto community brings results. NFT and crypto investors and communities consider blogs a credible source.

NFT Video Production: Lion’s professional video production team applies the latest technologies. We create not only ultra-modern videos but also ads for your NFT projects. Ads on the Times Square or NASDAQ billboards and developing capturing NFT promo videos is the best way of marketing. We also create Youtube or Tiktok channels for your business. 

Our Mission : Lion ADV team is full of enthusiastic people to give our NFT creators the platform they deserve. For the promotion of their NFTs, it is important to show new are to new collectors, after that, they can decide better. We are inspiring their NFTs on Times Square and Nasdaq digital billboards.
Our mission is to make NFTs more widely known and understood by the general public. We do this by featuring creatives within the NFT space, including groundbreaking fine artists, illustrators, and designers.

Our Company’s Strength

NFT promotions, Crypto projects, crypto community, and Coin marketing are not only the backbones but also the strength of our company. In the end, even a small NFT project in the launch phase will be widely promoted on social networks and other platforms to gain trust and market our client’s NFT promotion.

Digital Billboards

If you believe in the interactive power of digital billboards then you’ll love the NFT promotions. This cutting-edge technology, includes a state-of-the-art video production facility and audio studio. It makes our NFTs promotion visuals outstanding and effective.

If you want to promote your NFT artwork in the proper community through the digital world. So that you can get more visibility, then we can help you reach your potential buyers. Lions ADV is the best NFT promotion company that helps artists and brands to create their brand presence. We provide complete NFT marketing services to our clients which give them more real deals.


Lion ADV offers all-around solutions not only for NFT marketing but also for the community. We do promotions across the most effective digital channels and after that bring results. Check our frequently asked questions to learn more about how we can assist you in gaining more visibility and credibility for your NFTs.

How can Lion ADV help me promote my NFTs?

Lion ADV draws on our connection with A-list influencers, world-class celebrities and public personas. We make sure to obtain visibility and credibility for our clients' NFTs. It is also done by social media endorsements, celebrity tagging and acknowledgement. As a full-service NFT marketing agency, we offer a complete toolkit of marketing solutions. That is important for NFT creators, owners and NFT marketplaces. It includes press releases and blogs, social media marketing, web copy and video production. As well as Times Square and NASDAQ billboard advertising.

Who are the celebrities you are working with?

We work with all types of influencers, including world-known A-list celebrities with millions of followers on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok and other social media. At Lion, we cooperate with hundreds of macro- and micro-influencers with unique and exclusive follower base.

What is a minimum budget requirement for an effective NFT promo with Lion ADV?

At Lion Adv, we work not only with NFT artists and creators but also on NFT marketplaces with all types of budgets. Our team can plan around your budget to address the unique needs of your NFT project and help you in the most cost-effective channels.

Can you help with text ads and visual ad production?

At Lion, our in-house copywriters can develop an effective copy not only for your press release but also for web pages, social media posts, and any other digital channels. Our professional video production team prides itself on our expertise in creating captivating videos for our clients' Youtube channels and stunning video ads for Times Square or NASDAQ billboards.

How do we promote your NFTs discord?

NFT Marketing is only a few steps away not only from the Discord marketing services but also from Twitter analytics.
Discord has set out to be a leader in community building. In addition to that, discord is highly preferred by projects.
There are over 6.7 million active Discord servers covering a wide range of topics and interests.

A strong bond in engagement around the community helps to boost the digital marketing efforts of NFT drops, crypto projects, and coin marketing. A simple way of promotion in the world of NFTs is either by joining in on conversations or by being active in the community. Speak your creative mind in Discord channels, attend calls and streaming parties, stick around in group chats, or join in on Twitter discussions.

How do I make my NFT popular?

Here are some popular ways to promote either your NFT art or any related project.

Promotion on Instagram, use appropriate hashtags, join Discord Servers, NFT on Reddit, hire an influencer to promote your NFT project, NFTs on telegram channels, use paid advertising.

How do you promote NFTs photography?

To sell NFT photography in a suitable community doesn't only mean minting your photos or listing them. Neither just listing them for sale on the NFT marketplaces. After that, you'll also need to promote your collection on social media. It is necessary in order to gain visibility and ultimately make money with NFT photography. The strategy to follow is to get your art more visible and gain space on any platform. Either Twitter or discord are some of the best places to gain hype for the project.

How do we promote your NFT space on Instagram?

Instagram is the best social media community for sharing either digital art or photos. It is the perfect platform for promoting either your NFT collection or art projects. This social media platform has over 1 billion monthly users and receives over 95 million posts per day. With that many people using Instagram, you’re sure to find potential buyers interested in either your NFTs or your business.

Use your Instagram Stories to showcase your artwork, share behind-the-scenes process shots, or collaborate with like-minded creators. Plan to share 1-2 posts per day to engage your audience and promote new NFT artworks.

Contact Us

Our team is not only knowledgeable but also approachable, and prides itself on our customer service. Please, do not hesitate to contact us through our website, drop us a message on Whatsapp. You can also reach out either on Telegram or connect with us on social media., We will be happy to consult you on how we can help with your NFT promotion.

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