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Lion ADV, Inc it’s specializes in Marketing for crypto currencies and social media.


Get promotion, visibility and credibility, thanks to posts and stories posted by celebrities worldwide known on their official Instagram. The post can be the logo of your crypto project or a custom image or promo video, or a video of the celebrities who put their face in your project.


We are able to promote your crypto currency on the most important billboards in Times Square in New York, where the most authoritative brands in the world are shown. The photos and videos of these social media billboards have a lot of power. They will be liked by your community.


When your company has news to communicate to the world and investors, surely a press release is done to send to tv, web and press. 
We will send the news of your crytpo project that you want to hundreds of online publications. We will write the press release for you, you just have to tell us the news, such as the rebranding of your project, or the listing on a new exchange.


We will be able to organize an interview or an article about your crypto project on authoritative websites and online newspapers. You will be able to share this news on your social networks and this will help you in indexing on Google.


We will make hype videos of your billbaord in Times Square or create video tutorials on how to buy your crypto project on Pancake Swap or Uniswap, so that it is easy for everyone to understand!


Our consultants will be able to suggest communication and marketing strategies for your company or for your Crypto project.


We will increase numbers on social networks of companies and public figures, we suggest what to post, we make your posts get more visibility.


We create the highest quality Merchandising of your crypto project and insert them in self-managed E-commerce. When the shop receives an order, it will automatically send it to the connected production platform that will take care of shipping the purchase. You do not need to have anything in stock or produce any products, the orders will be paid and produced as soon as you receive the money from the customer who purchased.

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